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Branding Mistake for Small Business?

Branding Mistake for Small Business?

You need to make sure all of your branding aligns with your desired target market.  Hear my observations from a parking lot.


Brad Swezey:  Hi, today I want to talk a little bit about branding your business.

This is just a quick observation. I just recently bought a travel trailer and a truck, and needed some stuff. Walmart was nearby, so I went to the nearby Walmart.

As I was coming out of it, I noticed a somewhat beaten up SUV, probably 15 or 20 years old, that had on the back something like “Elite Home Remodeling.” I thought to myself, “If your brand is ‘Elite Home Remodeling,’ perhaps you might not want to have a vehicle that’s 15 to 20 years old that’s beaten up.” I mean, you can have a nicely maintained vehicle, but this one was beaten up.

Perhaps what this guy could have done is maybe gone on some kind of different branding message and focal point of “Reasonable” or “Economical Home Remodeling,” or something like that, and make sure his brand fit his clientele.

Because from my experience, people who want elite home remodeling are going to expect a certain appearance and truck standard, etc., perhaps a vehicle that’s wrapped, nicely dressed, new, etc.

You really need to think about the target market you’re going after and is everything in your brand supporting that target market perception or not.

That’s it, have a good day.

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